Pennsylvania Man Confesses to Partaking in Murder of Four Men

Posted July 16, 2017

Police are continuing their search of the suspect's 90-acre farm, which is owned by his parents.

Prosecutors said during a bail hearing following his arrest Wednesday that Dinardo, who suffered from a head injury following an all-terrain vehicle accident a year ago, had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. They're working to identify other remains found in the same grave. "But we have recovered several important pieces of evidence at this site that we're now working very hard on with the majority of our manpower and another location". Kratz was arrested later the same day in Philadelphia.

A criminal complaint alleges the defendants brought the victims to the farm ostensibly to buy marijuana from DiNardo. Lang noted DiNardo expressing, 'deep remorse.' according to a report via

Dinardo was released on bail on Tuesday when his father paid 10% of the $1 million bail in cash. His parents own the sprawling suburban Philadelphia property where the body of one of the missing men was found Wednesday. "We wanted to be supportive and comforting for our community", said Bucks County resident Wyatt McLeod.

DiNardo was arrested earlier this week on charges stemming from the investigation. The charge, which stemmed from an incident in February, previously had been dismissed by a judge. He was found with a firearm he was not authorized to own because of a history of mental illness.

At least some of the missing men are friends, but it's unclear how well they knew DiNardo, if at all.

The person with knowledge of the confession said one of the men was killed on July 5 and the other three were killed on July 7.

Pennsylvania State Police, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and local law enforcement agencies resume the search for Mark Sturgis (22), Tom Meo (21), Dean Finocchiaro (19), and Jimi Tar Patrick (19).

When the prosecutor held a dramatic midnight Wednesday news conference to announce the discovery of remains, Claire Vandenberg, of neighboring New Hope, gathered around a TV with a group of friends to hear developments on what she said is "all we talk about". Heavy equipment is used to begin digging on the property removing cement blocks, then digging a hole to try to unearth evidence. That's just not fair to anyone.

A "person of interest" is in custody. "But if others arise and we can name them, we will".

"We're going to continue in the direction that we're going", Weintraub said.

Solebury is a rural area that is a 40-minute drive north from Trenton.

When they arrived, Patrick said he only had $800, and Dinardo agreed to sell him a shotgun for that amount.

He also asked the public to keep sending in tips that could lead them to the bodies.