Mayweather Vs. McGregor Ticket Prices: Cheapest Seats Are Anything But

Posted July 14, 2017

"I don't like that". For how bulletproof they seem, both Mayweather and McGregor have incredible egos and for one of them to look and see their people laughing along with the crowd whilst being torched.there would be some serious dissention in the ranks.

Sure, smack talk exists in boxing, just like any other sport, but McGregor has continually taken it to a different level, but there are some who just want to chalk it up to him not being aware.

We also asked S.O.G. about whether he'd cross over and fight a UFC star like Conor. and his answer will get you pumped.

UFC president Dana White and the 28-year-old McGregor were the first to enter the stage.

Mayweather took the stage wearing a TMT hat and shirt, with the Canadian flag printed behind his trademarked logos. "You're carrying a schoolbag on stage. You cant even read".

Boxing superstar Andre Ward has a message for Conor McGregor - STOP CALLING FLOYD A "BOY".

After the press conference, Mayweather elaborated on the reason behind his apology, noting that he's made some mistakes in responding to White's words in the past, and admitted he's man enough to own up to them and say he's sorry. "I have a journal that I write in, and it's insane how fast I went through all the goals that I set and wanted to accomplish this year".

Even boxing great and former six-weight world champion, Oscar De La Hoya, has called the McGregor vs Mayweather fight a "circus" and a "farce".

"Shout out to ALL the stripper bitches on his payroll", he said, "At least Rob Kardashian only had one", he added to continued roars from the crowd.

The much awaited battle between McGregor and Mayweather is all set to take place on August 26.

Mayweather Sr agreed with his son and on Wednesday said: 'Racist?

Last night's showdown in Toronto was explosive as McGregor sensationally accepted Mayweather's dare to put his whole fight purse on the line.

"To all the little, puny boxing pundits, you're f**king insane if you think this guy has a chance". But here's to hoping that Mayweather knocks his racist head right off his body in August.

"You're 40 f***ing years of age".