Conor McGregor brings out the fight in Floyd Mayweather

Posted July 13, 2017

One of the most highly anticipated fights in recent times, the upcoming bout between boxer Conor Mayweather and mixed martial arts expert Floyd McGregor is already igniting the media.

The press tour stops off in Toronto on Wednesday night, before conferences in New York City on Thursday and London on Friday.

Mayweather, on McGregor's fate: "And you will wear that white flag, because you can choose which way you want to go".

For those who can not see the lettering on the suit, it says "F-ck You" and it is written like stripes along the entire suit.

Mayweather showed off the same check to the public during the McGregor press conference as well.

The first billion dollar fight in history of Combat Sports is set to take place August 26th at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I'm in. I'm in 1,000,000 percent. I was like, "I don't have to tell you how good I am". "Now I really know that this is it".

Mayweather - after bringing back his bad-mouthing "Pretty Boy Floyd" alter-ego for the media scrum - played down the slanging match.

That's why so many people are predicting that Mayweather will do his best to avoid to stay out of harm's way and out-point his way to a comprehensive decision victory. After all, he's going to make a ridiculous amount of money on August 26th, and that's in addition to the millions McGregor has made to date. He is (expletive). There's no other way about it - his little legs, his little core, his little head. He can choose which way he wants to go.

Diaz would then having something else to say, tweeting "They can't handle the Realness [sic] ThAts [sic] why they need to weed me out".

"We know "Mr Tap Out" likes to quit and you will wave that white flag", added Mayweather.

McGregor also mocked Mayweather about his attire and the recent rumours that the American only took the fight because of financial trouble: "He's in a. track suit", McGregor said. He is joined by a confident, Capoeira-inspired Conor McGregor. Predicting that Mayweather has never seen someone who moves like him.

Reigning UFC lightweight champion McGregor promised he'd knock out his opponent inside four rounds - this despite having no professional boxing experience.