Watch The 2018 Audi A8 Reveal Live

Posted July 12, 2017

There is a 48-volt main electrical system at the heart of the vehicle with additional electric motors at each wheel. Showing the new Audi A8 luxury sedan in all of its technological glory in the movie does nothing short of skyrocket public interest in the vehicle. Utilising Audi's Piloted Drive software it will allow - where legislation permits - for fully autonomous driving of up to 37mph and Level 3 "continual automation" autonomy.

Traffic jam pilot manages starting, accelerating, steering and braking. In addition to radar sensors, a front camera, and Ultrasonic sensors, Audi is the first brand to use a laser scanner. There are a couple caveats, obviously. The Audi AI Traffic Jam Pilot has the capability of moving the vehicle along autonomously while stuck in gridlock on the highway - without input from the driver.

Audi has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology which learns the driver's habits, likes, dislikes, and routes to make recommendations based on all the data.

On top of Traffic Jam Pilot, the new A8 will also get a Audi AI Remote Parking Pilot and AI Remote Garage Pilot, which allow owners to use a remote or smartphone to activate a mode that "autonomously [steers] the A8 into and out of a parking space or a garage". Also on tap will be a plug-in hybrid with a total of 449hp and just over 30 miles of all-electric driving range (it will also incorporate a wireless inductive charging system).

Other new technology includes an updated navigation system with self-learning features, enhanced voice control functionality and vehicle-to-x communication functionality in the form of traffic sign recognition and hazard information.

All engine options in the new A8's range feature mild-hybrid technology which lets the Audi coast with the combustion engines switched off for up to 40 seconds before it restarts. One is a 3.0-litre petrol engine producing 335bhp and the other a 3.0-litre diesel with 264bhp, a 10bhp increase compared to its predecessor.

Another novelty feature in the new A8 is the Active Suspension, that automatically adjusts the suspension in anticipation of a pothole, thereby, offering better ride quality.

The new A8 is also capable of advanced Level 3 autonomous driving, touted as first of its kind in automobiles globally. Expect to see the 2019 Audi A8 in USA showrooms in mid- to late 2018 with prices starting around the $100,000 mark.

What engines can I get in the Audi A8?

All A8s come with air suspension and an eight-speed automatic, and there will be quattro 4WD options and stuff like four-wheel steering and an active diff on offer too.

The innovative combination of dynamic and rear axle steering resolves the conflict of aims between agility and stability in the shape of dynamic all-wheel steering: The steering characteristics are direct while ensuring a high level of handling stability; the steering feel encompasses a wide spread from comfortable through to intense feedback.

Besides Piloted Driving, the 2019 A8 is all-new from nose to tail.

The A8 also includes AI-based remote parking for both surface spaces and garages, which don't even require the driver to be seated in the auto to both hail and send the vehicle to its spot.

In the near future, Audi will also add an electrified e-tron version of the A8L to its line-up.

All engines are paired with a belt alternator starter and 48-volt electric system.

The new A8 has grown substantially in length in both body styles, and that results in an even roomier cabin.