Nigerian hero Doomfist finally hits Overwatch's PTR servers

Posted July 09, 2017

After months of teases and speculation, Blizzard finally revealed today that the the next character in its class-based multiplayer shooter Overwatch would be none other than Doomfist.

Blizzard Entertainment hasn't said who the man behind Doomfist is yet, but the hero's origin video makes it clear that it's not Crews at the mic.

- Meteor Strike - Doomfist leaps into the sky and then slams onto the ground, dealing heavy damage in a moderate radius.

Akande Ogundimu (I'll let you try to pronounce that on your own time) or Doomfist, is an offensive character meant to help push objectives and deal out big damage. Called Rising Uppercut, Doomfist punches his opponent into the air and follows them. His primary attack is the Hand Cannon; this four-shot weapon fires projectiles from Doomfist's knuckles one a time or in a single blast. He is a "generational" hero, with the name following the gauntlet as it has passed to at least two other characters.

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When Overwatch introduced its 24th hero, the robot Orisa, they first teased it with a cryptic article posted on February 21.

In related news, YouTube channel Lion Montages has assembled Overwatch's cinematic shorts into a trailer for a sadly-fictional Overwatch Netflix show.

Kaplan delves into where Doomfist fits within the lore of Overwatch, revealing that Doomfist is a high-ranking member of the Talon organization, the same group that Reaper belongs to. Because his aspirations differed from his master's, he killed him and and took his gauntlet, becoming the new Doomfist. Apparently, Doomfist is one of the leaders of Talon who was originally put behind bars by Winston.

Doomfist is now available via the PTR on PC. With his passive, known as 'The Best Defense.', he'll acquire a temporary shield over time as he does more damage, which will also deteriorate as less damage is dealt. There is now no date set for when Doomfist will make his way into the full game.