Melania Trump forced to skip G-20 event due to protests

Posted July 09, 2017

And as you can see, to celebrate his arrival at the first day of the G20 economic summit in Hamburg, Germany, the two eagerly took part in a friendly photo op.

A G20 protester threw a common use bicycle into one of the bonfires lining the streets of Hamburg, Germany.

Another protester, who didn't give his name, told ABC News he was demonstrating for environmental issues.

Police said at least 196 officers have been injured in clashes, with 83 protesters temporarily detained at the scene and 19 taken into custody.

Other protests included a group resembling zombies in grey clay making a statement on political apathy and the "destructive impact of capitalism".

Police officers attempt to disperse demonstrators.

Demonstrations became violent Thursday night, continuing into Friday as police used water cannons to control the crowds.


After lengthy negotiations that stretched well into Saturday, the final G20 statement notes US President Donald Trump's withdrawal from the Paris deal while stating that all the other major global economies still support the worldwide effort to slow down global warning.

The incident was captured by cameras as the leaders interacted after a meeting with the 18 other heads of the world's most powerful industrial nations. For the first time in years of dominance at the meeting, the U.S. appeared isolated.

Macron and Trump met during the G20 summit in Hamburg and Trump will travel to France for the Bastille Day military parade on July 14.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson described the exchanges on as "robust". The negotiations stumbled even after Merkel said most G-20 leaders are committed to trade that's "free" but also "fair trade", a semantic concession to Trump's complaint that global commerce is biased against the U.S.

An agreement was reached on trade in the final communique, after Merkel said yesterday that trade talks were "very difficult".

Other topics discussed by the presidents during their meeting - which lasted almost two-and-a-quarter hours - included the war in Syria, terrorism and cybersecurity.