United States threatens North Korea with military action

Posted July 06, 2017

I spoke with him at length about it this morning.

Ms Haley also threatened to use trade restrictions. "That's not going to happen", she said. "Our attitude on trade changes when countries do not take worldwide security threats seriously".

Haley said the seven United Nations sanctions resolutions haven't gotten North Korea to change its "destructive course", and she stressed that much of the burden of enforcing the resolutions rests with China because of its overwhelming trade with its neighbour. The White House said Trump also discussed the need for nations to "stop hosting North Korean guest workers" - an issue Secretary of State Rex Tillerson also mentioned in his response a night earlier to the missile launch.

"It's the most hopeful option that we have, but it's also probably the least likely", he said.

However, that data reflects only one month of China's February 26 halt of North Korean coal imports, which has crimped Pyongyang's ability to raise hard currency through exports. "It's another country that can reach the USA with nuclear weapons, and it's a country with which we have hostile relations".

The Hwasong-14 tested on July 4 is similar to the Hwasong-12, which was test-fired in May, but perhaps with a larger engine configuration and an extra stage, a section of the missile that's released during flight. "He, with a broad smile on his face, told officials, scientists and technicians that the USA would be displeased.As it was given a "package of gifts" on its "Independence Day", KCNA said.

What's less certain is whether this phase will end with violence, some sort of negotiated nuclear freeze of simply more years of frustration and North Korean weapons progress.

Mr Tillerson said "global action is required to stop a global threat" and warned that any nation that provided economic or military benefits to the North, or failed to fully implement UN Security Council resolutions, was "aiding and abetting a unsafe regime". We will look at any country that chooses to do business with this outlaw regime.

Regional disarmament talks on North Korea's nuclear program have been stalled since 2009.

Hanson said it's fortunate that Trump is commander-in-chief because he brings a "credible threat of violence" to the diplomacy. Time is short. Action is required.

"We do have confidence in our ability to defend against the limited threat, the nascent threat that is there", Davis said. "If we fail to act in a serious way there will be a different response".

Following North Korea's July 4 launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile, the Trump administration is focused on rallying the worldwide community to punish Pyongyang and increasing the pressure on the Kim Jong Un regime to abandon its nuclear and missile programs.

Last week, the Trump administration announced sanctions targeting a China-based bank accused of laundering money for the North Korean government and moved forward with an arms sale to Taiwan that Beijing opposes.

"The drill was intended as a strong warning against North Korean provocation", the South Korean Defence Ministry said, after conducting the joint drill.

The number and variety of tests worry experts who see each step as part of a march toward a missile capable of striking America's West Coast.

"There's no question we've crossed a threshold here in the North Koreans' ability to develop an ICBM", Leon Panetta, former Central Intelligence Agency director and defense secretary during the Obama administration, told CBS News.

"We can not forget the threats to our friends and allies around the world".