US Independence Day: Significance, celebrations & all you need to know

Posted July 04, 2017

July 4 was the day the Declaration of Independence was formally adopted.

Here what we see the Americans celebrate their Independence day (4th of July) also sounds the same.After all, In this busy life, a lot of them can not be a part of the celebration from the Home country (United States of America).

Despite the sweltering heat of the UAE, many American expats say they will go ahead with one of America's most prized traditions: the Fourth of July barbeque. So this Independence Day fly the flag proudly. Also, here are a few messages, greetings, wishes to share your happiness with others.

When I remember the 4th of July during my youth, I mention watermelon, hot dogs, ice cream and fireworks, too, because I'm still child enough to enjoy them and, fortunately, my taste buds are still working perfectly.

Make this Fourth of July memorable by counting your blessings and truly appreciating your freedom. He addressed his audience with his now famous speech, "The Meaning of July Fourth for the Negro".

"As a practical matter, the Declaration of Independence publicly announced to the world the unanimous decision of the American colonies to declare themselves free and independent states, absolved from any allegiance to Great Britain", he wrote. What it doesn't commemorate is an actual step that made the USA a brand new, independent nation.

At the age of 241, the country celebrates the major accomplishment of the Revolutionary War with tributes, memorials, and all things red, white and blue.

According to Philip Mead, chief historian at the Museum of the American Revolution, the legendary declaration was essentially a "press release" explaining to the world why the delegates had voted to break free from the British Empire - a decision they'd made two days earlier.

July 4th is the No. 1 beer-drinking holiday (1 billion+ will be spent).

"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear".

For our nation to continue its prosperity, we must work together toward the goals cherished in our founding and work to create a future in our state and nation that is worth the sacrifice, blood, and treasure that began on that summer day in Philadelphia.

I promise to be a good citizen of my country to the best of my capabilities.

They are the words - interpreted slightly differently by each American - that outline the values for which millions of our predecessors, neighbors, friends, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters have fought and died. I think those founders would be amazed at the inspiration their words provide to us today and how the nation they founded has grown and provided opportunity for so many. Happy Independence day to all! Military bases celebrate the day by "Salute of the union", where a salute by one gun in each state at noon.

Even the Constitution, the supreme law of the land, by which the United States of America is defined, doesn't get any special consideration, here.