The Pretty Little Liars series finale was actually pretty great

Posted July 01, 2017

If you don't want to spoil the central mystery of Pretty Little Liars, please walk away from this blog post and return after you've watched all two hours of the series finale.

Meanwhile, the promo video for "Pretty Little Liars" (PLL) Season 7 finale teases a conversation between Charlotte and Archer and their romantic connection.

Alison and Emily now have twin baby daughters, and Ezra and Aria are preparing to get married. Really the character of Alex and her relationship with Wren, none of that was flushed out until, I think for Marlene, leading into the seventh season.

"It's like a bonus", she said of the final scene "Although this show ends, this world continues".

Somehow, Mona packs up both Mary Drake and Alex, takes them to France, and makes them act as human dolls for, apparently, eternity. A chapter I had never imagined or even dreamt of having written. Finally, the viewers will find out who and how the story ends for Rosewood Girls. It appears that his capture was one out of necessity for Alex and not revenge driven.

But in a tense stand-off Spencer and the Liars won the upper hand and Alex was arrested after trying to impersonate her sister. She revealed. "It's going to be really emotional..." RIP, Wren. That is truly a huge loss in the PLL universe. Before preparing yourself for the two-hour rollercoaster, showrunner I. Marlene King says you need to review the show's last episodes first if you want to confirm your guess on A.D.'s identity.

Mary Drake had arranged for the second baby to be sent to England, where she was dumped by her adoptive parents at a home for wayward children due to some mental issues. Once she starts to see how good Spencer has it and how much of her life she stole, I think she feels justified in all of her actions, and eventually in assuming Spencer's life. But more than that, would it really have been believable if A.D. was someone we'd known since day one? None other than Jenna. They all call it a night besides Toby and Spencer, who go back to his room.

Throughout the episode, the Liars do their best to stop whatever poison that exists in Rosewood that causes teen girls to become villainous snakes.

The episode was full of flashbacks and replays of scenes from prior episodes (which fans could see in a different light after realizing they featured Alex, not Spencer).

So all this time we didn't know Spencer had a twin. "She said, 'You can not tell anybody. Over the next two years, we got to build it together".

And that's still not all!

Motivation was key when it came to "A" or "Big A" or however you preferred to refer to her. Alex's drive struck a deeper nerve for fans. Let the speculation begin.

Of course, ratings are only part of the audience reaction story when it comes to the social media-strong Pretty Little Liars. It certainly was a fitting ending for a show that was so wild from start to finish.