Yas, Queen! Rachel Lindsay Shuts Down Former 'Bachelor' Contestant's Racist Tweet

Posted June 21, 2017

He performed the song on the June 19 episode of ABC's "The Bachelorette", but this wasn't just some random booking for Russell. Lee has already stirred the pot by calling several Black cast members "aggressive". If that doesn't make you cringe, I'm not sure what would.

Meanwhile, Dean tells the cameras that Lee is a bitch who picks fights with "people he's not used to seeing every day on a cultural basis".

"You know exactly what I mean", Dean replied.

Rachel's response is fantastic on so many levels: First, she pretty much addresses the fact that she's now well aware that Lee isn't worth keeping around. If I was Rachel in this instance, he'd get the group date rose right then and there. Anywho, in case you forgot, things were getting dramatic at the cocktail party as Eric and Lee (AKA the seemingly racist contestant) were butting heads over their respective relationships with Rachel.

Rachel was visibly upset from the fight, and the pressures of being the first African American bachelorette was starting to weigh heavily on her. "I wouldn't want to be up here with anyone else".

The pressure apparently got to Block, and she not only ended up deleting that tone-deaf tweet but also deactivated her entire Twitter account. "I don't want to talk about it", she said, crying, during one of her interviews.

The reality competition returned Monday night, after being preempted for the NBA Finals last week, and featured some screen time for Kendall chiropractor Bryan Abasolo, Miami sales manager Will Gaskins and Fort Lauderdale attorney Josiah Daniel Graham. After the rose ceremony Rachel and the guys jetted off to SC for a more relaxing atmosphere. However, I also understand that there's a lot of other drama that needs to go down to keep things entertaining for millions of people.

Kara: The Spelling Bee was great and I found the date as a whole to be rather fun even if I did have to fast forward during Peter's freestyle because I can only handle so much secondhand embarrassment.

Rachel wastes no time once in Oslo, picking one man for the first worldwide date. It's such a dog whistle statement and I assumed Rachel was sharp enough to see through that.

During Iggy's private time with Rachel, he warned her about Josiah's "false sense of bravado". The man has said countless times that making an angry man more angry makes him smile....

Iggy taddles to Rachel again, this time on Josiah. Iggy? Yes, Iggy. The man is a gossip queen. Kenny is right on about Lee.

The crumbling began when Rachel questioned Kenny as to why Lee would describe him as aggressive. Some poor son of a gun gets eliminated on the word "boutonniere" after the guy before him had to spell "stunning", which just doesn't seem fair.

Snap! Snap! Sadly, Lee was able to rile Kenny up as shortly after this incident the professional wrestler tracked the 30-year-old down and blasted his pal for taking advantage of their "friendship".

I knew first-hand how direct Eric can be and although I appreciated it, it seemed some other guys in the house didn't. Kenny immediately grabs Lee and takes him outside for a chat.