Official news is BAD for Xbox One X players

Posted June 17, 2017

According to Mike Ybarra, Xbox's Corporate Vice President, that value proposition of Xbox One X is great given all its features.

Spencer said that Microsoft would be making money through selling games. That's usually because the console maker either directly funded the game or owns the studio that made it.

Microsoft backed up the X's announcement by showing off a large number of games that were either exclusive to the Xbox One or timed exclusives, such as Dragon Ball Fighters Z, BioWare's upcoming game Anthem, and more. Spencer expects similar adoption for the Xbox One X. Most people do agree, however, that "Xbox One X" is a bad name - sticking with Scorpio would have been better. Put simply, the "Xbox One X Enhanced" label is far too vague to be useful. The Xbox One X will also include the benefits that come with the Xbox Live.

"I want people to be able to play games!" Hence, the decision to keep with the layout of the console turns out to be a good one.

The games that were talked about most were Nintendo's Super Mario Odyssey, Destiny 2, and Call of Duty: WWII.

"From a developer's standpoint, [Xbox One X] is the most developer-friendly console we have ever worked with", he said. So the Xbox One X price could certainly look hefty by this time. Also, most games support controllers on the PC these days, especially the big multi-platform releases.

"Our team of engineers are working hard to bring some of your favourite original xbox games to today's Xbox One library, including a fan favourite that I'm asked about often by the community: Crimson Skies - and it looks great".

Spencer on stage at E3 2017 where the company announced that "Project Scorpio" would officially launch as the Xbox One X. If one of you were to find out that the other had slept with someone else, that would be a significant problem for your relationship. And they are competing with the Nintendo Switch as an option of the second system. With a unique library of exclusives, portability, and its cheap price, Nintendo's hybrid console would be a better partner for an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4. Ryan seems mostly unfazed about Microsoft's highly anticipated Xbox One X console, VG 24/7 reported.

Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One X during the recent E3 event.

And I think that's because Microsoft hasn't necessarily been reinventing [with every new console], they've been refining and making it more powerful.