Jury begins deliberating sex charges against Bill Cosby

Posted June 13, 2017

It was then that a new prosecutor chose to charge him.

Photos of Camille walking into the courthouse arm in arm with Bill, grinning widely, circulated on Monday.

They'll resume deliberations Tuesday morning. "Mrs. Cosby has been supporting Mr. Cosby for the entire time they've been together for 53 years", he said.

"The judge nearly has to bark at the jury, and put the fear of God in them" that they do not bring any personal bias to their deliberations.

"Just tell the truth - what are we doing here?" he continued, one of many exclamations he made in a fiery and at times histrionic closing that lasted almost two hours.

Cosby said that he couldn't read the letters on the prescription bottle, and asked her to put Andrea on the line. Cosby says he only gave her Benadryl.

Victims' right groups have said Constand is a flashpoint for a larger cause but that it does not diminish her case.

But Steele said it's no accident that some of Constand's memories are faulty. It is worth noting that Bill Cosby has claimed to be legally blind, and it is entirely possible he simply didn't see his wife enter the courtroom and that the pair were photographed together outside the courthouse.

If found guilty, the 79-year-old comedian could face up to 10 years in prison.

During Constand's cross-examination, Cosby's defense team made a point to focus on what they are arguing is an ever-changing account.

Prosecutors countered that, without a baseline evaluation of Cosby's eyesight from 2005, his latest diagnosis couldn't be used as reliable evidence. "I was mistaken", she told Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney Kristen Feden about those discrepancies.

Dozens of women have come forward to say he had drugged and assaulted them. Steele repeatedly brought up those depositions during his closing argument, saying Cosby's own words prove he had "knowledge" about the drugs he was "administering". Questioning Constand's reasoning for being there-and establishing that Constand was, if not reciprocating, at least aware of Cosby's romantic interest in her-has been key to the defense's argument so far, which it hopes will color the jury's perception of what might have happened the night of the alleged attack.

Cosby didn't testify at the six-day sex assault trial. As expected, Cosby chose not to testify. As NPR reported last week, Constand testified, telling her story in public for the first time.

Speaking with police 12 years ago, Cosby acknowledged that he fondled Constand after giving her what he said were cold-and-allergy pills to help her relax.

"I want you to think about the courage Andrea Constand has had doing what she had to do", he urged the jury. Camille Cosby also sat in the front row, with a few other people and the aisle between them.

Defense attorney Brian McMonagle's arguably biggest courtroom drama, the sex assault trial of entertainer Bill Cosby, has been a legal rematch with prosecutor Kevin Steele, who was on the opposing - and losing - side of a almost identical 2014 rape case.

Attorneys on both sides of the sexual assault case wrapped up their final arguments today, the beginning of the second week of Cosby's criminal trial. At one point, the attorney gestured toward Camille while he described Cosby's conduct.

As he hammered at Constand's credibility, McMonagle zeroed in on Constand's initial report to police that the incident may have occurred March 16, 2004, comparing it against her later statements that the alleged sexual assault occurred months earlier. According to Cosby's alleged victims, the actor has been sexually assaulting women for decades. "He told me stories about his personal life, he even told he was a sick man", Gianna Constand said, referring to Cosby. During the civil case, however, Bill Cosby gave sworn depositions that were later unsealed as part of the criminal case against him.

Constand was in court with her mother to hear the closing arguments. He returned Monday so defense lawyers could emphasize again that Constand visited Cosby inside his room at a CT casino prior to the alleged attack and that Cosby's vision problems apparently stretched back more than a decade.

The defence has rested after a single brief witness in Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial.

Steele also noted that Cosby, when asked by police, said he never knew Constand to be dishonest.