IOS 11 Brings Drag And Drop Support To iPhone

Posted June 11, 2017

Its primary goal has been to create an option for people with brightness sensitivity or some colour blindness but with iOS 11, it extends the branch for a more generic usage. Or it into you. But every time someone new comes to your home or office - or whenever you go to someone else for the first time - you'll be able to seamlessly connect to Wi-Fi.

The update to iOS 10.3 included a tool to detect apps that can not run in 64-bit mode.

Do Not Disturb while driving: The new iOS 11 gives your phone the ability to know when you may be driving and automatically disable notifications, leaving only a black screen. Research by the RAC in 2016 showed that nearly a third (31 per cent) of drivers admitted to making or receive calls while driving and one in five (20 per cent) admitted to having written and sent texts, emails or social media updates on the move. Apparently, iOS 11 users can add the screen capture shortcut instead of flashlight, camera, clock or calculator.

Siri, the smart AI assistant in iOS devices, will solve and translate your queries in multiple languages. Although, the autofill feature is a great feature to talk about and Android will also get the feature in its next iteration.

Apple's official iOS beta management instructions are available at this link.

In iOS 10 and previous versions, users had to delete the app and reinstall it without the relevant data and documents to free up some storage space. The refreshed UI will now have a Today tab to show all the top app picks and tell you the stories behind them.

The software update will run only on devices with a 64-bit processor, meaning it won't be compatible with the guts of the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5c that feature 32 bit processors. The Photos app on your Mac/MacBook will also sync your images faster.

The biggest change visible is the new dock for iPads sourced directly from Apple's very own Mac. On that page, you will see the option for Offload Unused Apps.

However, it is worth mentioning that there are tonnes of features tested in beta that don't always make it to the stable version. Which would you do away with? The tool is reminiscent of the AirDrop feature, which allows users to easily share media between devices via Bluetooth.