Apple to introduce feature to combat texting while driving

Posted June 10, 2017

The new operating system will also focus around "augmented reality" for users "to build apps that let users place virtual content on top of real-world scenes".

The iPhone 5S runs on the 32-bit processor, and the iOS 11 only supports the 64-bit architecture, so the iOS 11 will not show nearly all of the apps that run on 32-bit architecture in iPhone 5S after updating to the iOS 11. It will power Apple's upcoming smartphone iPhone 8.

After ten years of first iPhone launch, Apple has finally added file explorer to make it ease for the user to locate files on the mobile.

Do Not Disturb while driving: The new iOS 11 gives your phone the ability to know when you may be driving and automatically disable notifications, leaving only a black screen. Furthermore, 14 states have banned the use of handheld devices. Kontaxis' announcement was met with applause, and developers who've installed the iOS 11 beta are praising the change on Twitter. Now you can access the dock from any screen. Now, the app can track music you love and sync it to the watch. The ARKit will be supported in iOS 11, using the phone's sensors and cameras to offer stabilization in motion-tracking and for ambient lighting estimation. Interestingly, both the apps remain active in the split view. You can even use the multi-touch display to move things around. Seeing as this tablet performs and has all the hardware that you might find in a computer, it will also be priced at the same levels as one. Once you're done recording, you can tap this blue bar followed by the Stop Recording option to save the video to Photos.

Siri is getting smarter and it wants you to stay safe.

The Do Not Disturb while Driving, part of iOS version 11, is expected to drop this fall.

iOS 11 features AirPlay 2. You can change the placement of the toggle within the Control Center by dragging it up and down the list above.