It's time for infrastructure investment

Posted June 09, 2017

"We're having no help - it's only obstruction from the Democrats", he said.

The White House launched a series of high-profile events this week created to ramp up support for Trump's effort to rebuild US roads, bridges, airports and other public works.

"As long as I am president, America's labor leaders will always find an open door at the White House", the president said to chorus of applause during his speech along the banks of the Ohio River.

Trump said that as he campaigned across the country previous year, people often asked him why the US was spending money to rebuild other countries when the roads and bridges they travel on needed rebuilding, too.

He then called on Democrats to support him, saying, "That's why I am calling on all the Democrats, who honestly have really been obstructionists".

"The American people deserve the best infrastructure anywhere in the world", said Trump.

Trump said he saw first-hand during his time on the campaign trail, crumbling infrastructure, and met with communities who are desperate for new roads and new bridges. If implemented in a manner consistent with my legislation, [a] Buy American, Hire American EO [executive order] will put and USA manufacturers first.

"The theft of American prosperity has come to a screeching halt and a new era of American greatness is about to begin", Trump said on Wednesday before a crowd of steel workers, coal miners, farmers and other local workers.

"We will construct incredible new monuments to American grit that inspire wonder for generations and generations", he said.

The speech comes as the White House attempts to work through a series of distractions by focusing on Trump's legislative agenda.

That order broke down very quickly after the president left to return to Lunken and a flight back to Washington.

"93,650 families paid $16.5 million in penalties instead of purchasing unaffordable ObamaCare health plans that didn't meet their needs", Trump said.

Those opposed to Trump's plan argue that privatization at this level would sell out America and allow companies to exploit public assets like roads and bridges.

"A private-sector-driven infrastructure plan means tolls, tolls, tolls - paid by average, working Americans", said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of NY.

Trump talked on, speaking about insurance providers pulling out of Obamacare, the Saudi arms deal (including a shoutout to the King of Saudi Arabia, 5 more seconds of hellos), the coal industry, fighting terrorism, and how he's not a big fan of the Democrats in Congress not letting him have his way.

Ohio Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor was one of a number of politicians and officials to attend Trump's speech, and she got a shoutout from the president in his speech. That follows with reports earlier in the year that the White House was targeting 2018 for their infrastructure rollout.

As The New York Times notes, White House aides caution that Trump's trillion-dollar infrastructure plan is "months away, though Mr. Trump said in April that it would be ready last month".