How Many NBA Finals Appearances Has LeBron James Made During His Career?

Posted June 09, 2017

Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry, left, and Kevin Durant talk in the final moments against the Cleveland Cavaliers in Game 3 of basketball's NBA Finals in Cleveland, Wednesday, June 7, 2017. The Bulls can also go small ball with Toni Kukoc and they could play very well against the Warriors' death lineup.

Golden State's 11 consecutive points over the final 2:18 of Wednesday's game came under greater scrutiny, but its double-digit scoring binge three quarters earlier loomed almost as large on the scoreboard.

CLEVELAND (AP) - LeBron James and Kyrie Irving couldn't be stopped. The Warriors finished with an 11-0 run to steal the victory and all but assure themselves of taking Cleveland's title.

Former NBA coach Jeff Van Gundy threw that one in during his call of the game, sending social media into meltdown.

They're just not good enough to beat what may be one of the NBA's best teams ever. If the Warriors do it in Game 4 Friday night, they will become the first team to go undefeated during the postseason - a flawless 16-0.

Now Cleveland, which previous year became the first team to recover from a 3-1 Finals deficit, faces historically long odds again.

Last year, they broke new ground by becoming the first team to come back from 3-1 down in the finals, but the Warriors with Durant and a healthy Curry are a different beast. He was a plus-seven in a game his team lost by five points, the best margin on the team.

James, who played 45 minutes, refused to blame fatigue for the Warriors' comeback. And sometimes that brings some commotion out there between two teams.

It could be that Durant's defense will quiet the critics at last, especially if he comes out a victor after that scrutinized move from Oklahoma City last July to join the super-Warriors.

Some people may argue their greatness, but James won't.

Even if one player has less than an excellent game or loses just the least bit of concentration, there are others more than capable of picking up the slack, which has to make them favourites to make history.

They didn't have to go for a two-for-one, of course.

The Cavaliers might have beaten anybody else the way they played, just as they did in Game 3 of last year's Finals and as they did while rolling into the Finals with a 12-1 record.

"There's no feeling of, we're nearly there", Green said. Plenty of factors went against the Warriors, but their unparalleled star depth has appeared to create a situation in which it takes too many terrific performances and good breaks to eke out one measly home win.

Just look down the list of participants, and you can feel the weight.

"It wasn't our smartest game that we have played all year, but it was maybe our toughest in terms of our ability to just hang in there". "It's what you've got and how you take care of it".

"All I was looking at was the bottom of the net and I made sure my feet were behind the 3-point line". Three of their best players were already drafted, so they were able to hold on to them because they own the Bird rights, if everybody knows the CBA. Below, Curry and Klay Thompson crossing paths causes confusion between J.R. Smith and Kyrie Irving, the latter of whom thought the two players were switching. The Warriors will have exacted their revenge on the Cavaliers, but more importantly, the coronation of Durant will be complete. Should the Warriors stay healthy and together - and it would cost them enormously in salaries and taxes - they should be a title threat every year. "Understand that they have a unique opportunity to make us that much better, and for a majority of this season it's been on myself, Bron and K-Love's shoulders". Before we get to the recriminations, let's take a moment to collect the positives Cleveland should take away from the 118-113 loss that put them down 3-0 in the finals. "They have their youth, they have their health".