NY adds regulations to protect Obamacare

Posted June 07, 2017

Others have suggested delaying aspects of its implementation for several years as a form of compromise.

Furthermore, the administration finalized regulations that will ensure that contraceptive drugs and devices are covered by commercial health insurance policies without co-pays, coinsurance, or deductibles no matter federal action. However, it's uncertain whether that chamber's Republican leadership can muster enough votes to pass a bill.

The proposed legislation does not make reference to the employer reporting requirements under the ACA given that the reconciliation process being used by Republicans to advance the legislation in such a way to avoid a filibuster by Democrats in the Senate does not extend to the scope required for administrative adjustments of that sort. Child Health Plus is New York's version of the state-federal Child Health Insurance Program, or CHIP, which covers children in low-income families. But neither of these proposals change the ultimate outcome: a huge cost-shift to states ending the Medicaid expansion and causing millions to lose coverage.

Cuomo directed the New York State Department of Financial Services to promote new emergency regulations mandating health insurance providers do not discriminate against residents who have preexisting conditions, or based on age or gender, in addition to safeguarding 10 essential benefits of the ACA.

New York's public programs are heavily dependent on federal funding that lies in Republican crosshairs in both the House and Senate.

But according to one of the CBPP's reports, by Matt Broaddus and Edwin Park, this would in effect shift tens of billions of dollars to state budgets. Alaska would nearly certainly be unable to absorb these additional costs given our present budget deficit of 3 billion. Nevada, one of those states, added about 300,000 more people to the state's Medicaid rolls, with the federal government picking up most of the tab. Medicare also approaches the costs of health care differently than most insurers by paying for the disease and not just procedures and supplies used. "Short term, it would likely scuttle any possibility of the Virginia General Assembly expanding the Medicaid program, as permitted under Obamacare ..." When you go into an emergency room you have no idea what your costs will be. The Congressional Budget Office projects that the number of 50- to 64-year-olds who are uninsured would rise to 10 million in 2026, about 5.1 million more than the number who would be uninsured under current law. Horner said New York's health insurance may face a battle if more money needs to be appropriated.

If we continue to ask insurance companies like Blue Cross Blue Shield and government entities like Medicaid and Medicare to pay for all of our health care services, from blood pressure medications to cardiac bypass surgery, costs will continue to be inflated. Other local plans that offer both Medicaid and plans on the state health insurance marketplace include Empire BlueCross BlueShield, Fidelis Care, Healthfirst, MetroPlus and UnitedHealthcare. For example, premiums after tax credits for Alaskans in poverty would equal or significantly exceed 72 percent of their income for 45-year olds and 188 percent for 60-year-olds.