Windows 10 update aims to help identify best photos, videos

Posted May 25, 2017

However, many were anxious about the little amount of love shown to the Windows Mobile platform this year, affirming speculations about the collapse of the platform.

Devoid of dramatic and awe-inspiring changes, tjhe update does bring some neat tools that increase productivity for users when moving between their PC and their Android phone. Termed as Fall Creators Update, it aims to stylise user experience with not just native Windows tools but also cater to cross-platform systems like Android and iOS.

It wasn't that long ago when Windows Phone was an important topic at Microsoft's Build developer conference.

A much rumoured refresh to the design of Windows 10 - previously known as "Project Neon" - was also previewed as the company unveiled what it called the Microsoft Fluent Design System. The update is scheduled for the late September 2017.

Two longtime rivals have put aside their differences for the sake of music and money. Somehow, it is a bit similar to what Google raised with Material Design at the level of adaptability to different devices and other similar things. There are other parallels, too.

The Story Remix app in Windows 10 Preview build 16193. The point is not just to pretty up the interface, but to help you use the computer more effectively. Part of that is the use of depth, which brings back some of the transparency that was lost in recent iterations.

The original Creators Update came earlier this year, in April. Cortana asks if you want to pick up where you left in your app, doc, or website.

Microsoft announced the upcoming addition at its annual Build developers conference today, noting that it is the first Apple app to join the Windows Store. Graph is now rather ill-defined, but appears to be the company's name for cross-device features. While briefing this feature the company said that it's like a time machine to resume old sessions.

OneDrive Files on Demand, which will give users access to all files in the cloud without requiring them to download anything onto a specific device.

Another big new feature is the Microsoft Graph.

Another feature expands the realm of the virtual clipboard, enabling a copy and paste function from Windows to a smartphone and back again.