30% of Hampton Roads adults have high blood pressure

Posted May 18, 2017

Uncontrolled high blood pressure, if left untreated over a longer period, might cause a stroke and damage the blood vessels present in the brain.

In India, people in urban areas are greater victims of hypertension (33-40 percent), as compared to villages (12-17 percent).

The exact causes of high blood pressure are not known, but several factors and conditions may play a role in its development, such as smoking, lack of physical activity, too much salt in the diet, consumption of alcohol, stress, and genetic family history of high blood pressure. "Getting medical help immediately if you are found to be at high risk for cardiovascular disease due to elevated levels of blood pressure can save your life and prevent disability which may arise from heart disease and/or stroke", Professor Pamela Naidoo, CEO of the Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa.

In the ABPM system, a person's blood pressure is measured as he or she moves around doing their daily chores.

"The World Health Organisation recommends adults should reduce their dietary salt intake as a measure to combat high blood pressure". Load up on fresh fruits and veggies along with foods rich in potassium, magnesium and calcium.

Hypertension can be defined as the condition which occurs when an individual's blood pressure reads more than 140/90 MMHG (Prescribed standard).

Screening blood pressure regularly can help to reduce risk as people with hypertension have no signs or symptoms.

World Hypertension day is one created to raise the consciousness of the pubic to the fierce urgency of the now to maintain a normal blood pressure. If blood pressure falls in the pre-hypertensive category, it provides an opportunity to improve blood pressure by making lifestyle changes, before it progresses to hypertension. This is the reason why high blood pressure is a leading cause of kidney failure.

High BP can be controlled effectively with a combination of medication, a healthy diet, exercise, and regular monitoring.

Even cutting down 4-5 kilograms of weight is enough to bring high blood pressure under control. According to the American Heart Association, normal blood pressure is below 120/80.

During this May Measurement Month, everyone is urged to know what their blood pressure is by having it measured.

Both numbers of your blood pressure reading are of equal importance. Apart from that, you also have to keep a tab on your waistline. Cutting down the intake of alcohol and reducing the number of puffs are beneficial for hypertensive people as also save them from any impending hazards of cardiovascular ailments.

Hypertension in the majority of patients is a lifestyle disease and requires aggressive lifestyle changes to manage the disease.