2 killed in Teterboro Airport crash

Posted May 18, 2017

Surveillance video from the area appears to show the airplane rolling to the right in a nose-down attitude just before impact, which Silliman said indicates a loss of control.

Video shot from the ground by showed a column of black smoke rising from the crash site, with fire engines spraying buildings and cars as the fire continued to rage.

Authorities arrived at the crash scene to find that fire had engulfed two industrial buildings near the Carlstadt Department of Public Works building.

Emergency responders reached the scene a short time later and worked for more than an hour to extinguish the blaze. Some vehicles were also damaged on the ground at the crash site. According to FlightAware data, in the 11 days before the crash, N452DA had made several trips to and from Teterboro and other airports in the NY area.

Carlstadt police said it is believed that two people killed in the crash were crewmembers and no passengers were onboard.

Two crewmembers are dead after a small plane crashed this afternoon in an industrial area in the northern New Jersey town of Carlstadt, police say.

The crash is the 53rd fatal Learjet 35 accident since 1977, according to the Aviation Safety Network.

In 1985, a plane attempting to land at Teterboro crashed with a slower one. Officials said the small, Learjet 35 plane crashed while trying to land at Teterboro.

The Learjet's tail number was N452DA and was registered to A&C Big Sky Aviation in Billings, Montana.

In 2005, after 20 people were injured when a corporate jet aborted its takeoff and crashed into a nearby warehouse, authorities installed concrete blocks meant to stop planes from going off the runway.

“It could have hit us and could have took our homes out, ” he said. It then flew to Philadelphia later Monday morning before leaving for Teterboro in the afternoon. The owners rented the plane out for charters. A federal investigation later determined errors by an airport air traffic controller distracted by a personal phone call set the stage for the crash.

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