Mother of Texas teen killed by police asks to join lawsuit

Posted May 17, 2017

The police department in Balch Springs, Texas, fired the officer who fatally shot an unarmed 15-year-old as he left a party, according to reports.

Roy Oliver, 37, of Combine, was sacked from the Balch Springs Police Department and charged with murder last week after he fired a rifle into a vehicle full of teenagers as they left a party in April.

"I'm Charmaine Edwards. I was Jordan's mother and still am Jordan's mother", said Charmaine to the crowd of supporters.

An arrest warrant was filed for former Balch Springs Police officer Roy Oliver on May 5 by the Dallas County Sheriff's Office.

Brittany Dunn, a spokeswoman for District Attorney Faith Johnson, confirmed to The Associated Press that the federal agency is conducting the investigation.

She said she doesn't know the scope or focus of the probe. Oliver is free on bond awaiting trial on a murder charge.

A Justice Department investigation could end in a wide variety of outcomes - some civil, some criminal.

The new Justice Department investigation seems to contradict Attorney General Jeff Sessions' call to "pull back" on oversight of police departments charged with civil rights abuses.

His family said in a statement they were "grateful the decision has been made to terminate the officer responsible for Jordan's murder", according to a Lee Merritt, a lawyer representing them.

"It's very hard, as you all know, in the United States, let alone in the great state of Texas, to see a police officer charged, let alone convicted", Merritt said.

"On behalf of the entire Balch Springs Police Department and the city of Balch Springs we express our honest condolences with the family", Haber said.

Earlier this month, Officer Michael Slager in SC pleaded guilty to a federal charge that he had violated the civil rights of Walter Scott by shooting without justification.

Chief Haber said Oliver violated several department policies in the shooting, but wouldn't elaborate on the specific violations, citing the now terminated officer's right to appeal.

The suit says the young men were trying to leave the area where the sounds resembling gunshots were heard, the driver heard someone yell "stop the f-ing auto!" and before he could respond or react Oliver opened fire into the Impala, with the rounds entering the front passenger door and striking Edwards. The teen's death led to protests calling for Oliver to be fired and charged.